Have you ever struggled to understand your Animal’s behavior?

The HarmoniousListening Series teaches you step-by-step methods to communicate directly with your Animal.

Less Confusion, More Connection

Miranda Alcott

The HarmoniousListening Series teaches you step-by-step methods to communicate directly with your Animal.

Less Confusion, More Connection

Make no mistake, your Animal IS communicating with you. But interpretation can feel stressful!

Have you ever found yourself wondering…

Every Animal is unique and holds a special place in our hearts. You want to do the right thing, buy the right food, make the smart choices but how do you know what decisions to make? How do you know what your Animal wants or needs?

For example, as your Animal ages the changes are so incremental, you just adapt. Then one day you notice how old and slow your friend has become. At that very moment you start to wonder how difficult it might be for him to remain in his body and you begin to question the decisions you’ve been making.

HarmoniousListening Animal communication courses offer peace of mind by helping you to understand what your Animal is telling you. You become partners with your Animal.

Many people struggle to understand their Animals needs and resulting behavior.

HarmoniousListening Courses teach you how to listen and respond in a way that facilitates an harmonious connection between you and your Animal that lasts a lifetime. Giving your Animal your full attention is a gift you can offer right away. Taking one of the Animal Communication Courses gives you the tools and understanding to step back and interpret situations from a new perspective. Your Animal will pick up on your efforts sooner than you think. Students often say they notice a difference in their Animals after the very first class.

Less Confusion, More Connection

HarmoniousListening is Miranda’s signature teaching program. Beginning Animal Communication Level 1 offers a rich blend of teaching tools to increase many forms of intuition, compassion, and understanding, while releasing doubt and the tendency to second-guess. HarmoniousListening™ Animal communication courses offer surprising benefits. and interpret situations from a new perspective. Your Animal will pick up on your efforts sooner than you think. Students often say they notice a difference in their Animals after the very first class.

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Miranda Alcott

HarmoniousListening teaches you how to break into a wider spectrum of communication with your Animal companion. You will learn to interpret what your Animal may be teaching you, how you can help one another in your daily lives, and how to work on the ongoing growth of your relationship. Specifically, you will gain better communication between all human and Animal family members and be able to make clearer decisions with your companion. 

Miranda Alcott, MA CHH, has devoted her professional life to facilitating greater understanding and communication between Animals and those who care for them.

Her work encompasses serving as an Animal and Human Communications Counselor and course instructor. She has also served as a highly respected Animal Health Intuitive and works under the auspices of veterinarians nationally and globally to support medical professionals.

She has accumulated more than 40 years of experience and is excited to share her passion for Animal Communication with YOU!

With HarmoniousListening YOU can communicate with your Animal

HarmoniousListening is really about strengthening your intuition, which in turn supports richer and fuller internal conversations with the Animal Beings in your life. Miranda offers 3 levels of achievement.

Level 1

Miranda Alcott Course Level 1

Discover Inner Listening

Internal listening is critical to your growing awareness of the information your Animal gives you. You will become increasingly more attentive to all the ways you receive information in your life. You naturally become more receptive to your Animal’s communication.

Level 2


Build Self-Trust

Self-trust naturally stabilizes as you recognize your own ability to receive and convey information. Using exercises that focus on body sensation, color, pictures and sound allows you to perceive with all senses, including those beyond the obvious five.

Level 3

Expand Your Perception

Up to now the live classes you’ve taken have been critical to build self-trust and confidence. Working 1:1 with Miranda helps expand your horizons. You will find yourself practicing your communications without  thinking about it. You begin to encounter surprising experiences that inspire joy from within.

HarmoniousListening is designed to support you, so you’ll have the potential to…

Most people believe that they are incapable of clearly understanding and communicating with their Animals. The good news is that opening up a clearer, more direct route of communication with your Animals—and yourself—is more than possible with supportive guidance, powerful tools, and mindset. The choice remains yours!

Our next Level 1 course begins soon.

See you there!

I know you are the kind of person who wants to be an amazing steward for your Animal.

In order to do that, you need to understand how to really listen to them.

Might it be that you don’t take the time to consider your Animal’s perspective? When you experience undesirable behaviors from your Animal, frustration can result. Then, ultimately, you feel guilty over your knee-jerk responses.

This is no fun for you or your Animal and believe me, it happens all the time. You have not been taught to see Animals for who they are, and when you find out, your first response may be disappointment in yourself.

HarmoniousListening is how you can get to the other side of this challenge.

You can learn to communicate and engage in a healthy, happy relationship with your Animal.

Sure, it takes some time, patience, and practice, but consider the alternative… Your Animal is trying to tell you what they need while respond with frustration or anger because you don’t understand their behavior. This is not an ideal relationship. I want something much more loving and peaceful for both you and your Animal.

HarmoniousListening Courses

Level One: Beginning Animal Communication

Begins June 5th 2024

Wednesdays. 6PM Pacific Time. (6/5, 6/19, 7/3, 7/17, 7/31, 8/14 – five 2-hr classes, last class is 3 hours.)

Full Course: $899 or choose 3 payments of $315

This initial experience focuses on learning to listen internally and orienting yourself to communicating with an Animal. Animals have cultures unlike ours and approach their lives quite differently. Understanding this takes patience and openness. Level One introduces you to skills such as quieting your mind, becoming more comfortable with your intuition and developing receptivity with your Animal.

Level Two: Your Animal and YOU! *Prerequisite: Level One

Begins September 25, 2024

Wednesdays 6PM Pacific Time. (9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4. Five 2-hr classes, class six is 3 hrs.)

*Prerequisite: Level One

Full Course: $1,597 or 4 payments of $399

Building upon the foundation of the HarmoniousListening™ Level One Course, you will be utilizing and growing numerous techniques to expand your multiple awarenesses. As your intuitive ability is enhanced your ability to communicate with your Animals increases. Throughout these six classes (five 2-hour, last being 3-hours) you will receive practical tools you can use to focus your energy and develop higher levels of empathic understanding while exploring how your energy can, and does, affect the Animals who live by your side. 

Level Three: Mentorship *Prerequisite: Level Two + pre-interview

Dates TBD

*Prerequisite: Level Two + pre-interview

Sometimes during a level Two course a student experiences a kind of spark that ignites an innate talent. This paired with newly expanding skills, the person is propelled toward a strong desire to work directly with Miranda. Mentoring with Miranda 1:1 is a commitment to a deeper concentration of Animal communication and potentially an interest in becoming a practitioner (although that is not a requirement). New ways of listening to the world around us arise and trajectories previously unimagined open up. 

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